Consequently, it’ll take more abuse before it starts slipping. If you use flywheel, you have to use the clutch disc and pressure plate. Same goes for the flywheel; you have to use the same clutch kit. Moreover, flywheel is slightly lighter than by about a pound or two. It was easy to remove the flywheel. Just pry in a large screwdriver between one of the teeth of the flywheel and the engine and using 12 point socket you’ll be able to remove pressure plate 10mm and the flywheel 17mm. When tightening, use a 17mm socket on the crank pulley to hold it in place for the final torgue on the bolts. I highly recomend lightening your flywheel to 12lbs even for street applications. If my sister can drive the car, so can you!

Wiring 3 stage VTec in an EG and a P28 ECU.

The new Honda Civic 1. Haven’t we already reviewed this car? Yes, we have recently reviewed the new headline-grabbing Civic 1. This model you are looking at comes amidst much less fanfare. Its innards are more familiar and traditional – a 1.

Mar 08,  · if u use the hx ecu, either the vtec-e or the normal vtec will work. i’m not sure how the vtec wiring goes on the hx ecu, but i think if u use the hx ecu on .

How to install a subwoofer and amplifier When installing any electrical components always remember to unhook the battery. First thing you want to do is run your ground cable from a volt meter to a body or frame nut or bolt near by in the trunk or hatch area a shorter thicker ground is best then connect the other end of your volt meter to your battery cable that will need to be run through the firewall and connect to the positive battery terminal.

Also VERY important make sure you have installed a fuse on the wire in between the amp and the battery. For a sub woofer you want to hook the rca cable to the rear or sub labeled rca jacks. Then run your amplifier remote wire to the remote wire protruding from the back of your car stereo. After that you can run the ground and battery cable to the correct slots.

p28 chip

So I’m gonna just buy a new motor to swap into it. I have a dx so my motor is non vtec. My question is, What do I need to get besides the motor to swap in the d17 vtec motor? Just motor and ecu?

Apr 11,  · Best Answer: The only thing you do is get an Si, Ex, or Vx engine wiring harness and replace the lx harness. The wires for VTEC are already ran through to the engine bay. You just need to get one of those wiring harnesses to hook it up to the : Resolved.

Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. Merge this question into Split and merge into it SAVE In Honda Civic , Honda Civic EX yes it will, but the 95 is obd1 and the 98 is obd2, if you switch the intake manifold and keep the obd2 sensors, you shouldn’t get any codes assuming neither engine is vtec, if the 95 is vtec than you just wont use the vtec wires, if the 98 is vtec you will have to hook it up, but the engine will run fine even without the vtec hooked up.

My ’98 HX check engine light turned on and I found I’d been driving with low oil level. Put some oil in, and a few …days later I noticed that the light had gone out it stayed lit for several days. Either the light burned out, or the problem went away.

ECU Tuning [Archive]

How to make VTEC louder? This article has been written to answer all those questions honda noobs tend to ask: How can i make my vtec louder? How do u make vtec scream? Add on a decent open pod filter and your car will be screaming!

This P28 Vtec Wire Diagram graphic has been published. Youll be able to acquire this amazing graphic for your laptop, mini netbook or personal computer. Youll be able to acquire this amazing graphic for your laptop, mini netbook or personal computer.

From the factory, the ITR head is the best. IT has stiffer springs, upgraded retainers, and better cams, along with a mild port on the intake side. As you are going want to upgrade these things even further yourself, the added price tag is not worth it. When choosing between a b16 pr3 and a GSR p72 , there are two major factors to consider. The GSR uses a different intake manifold and has a smaller combustion chamber, which some prefer.

Some prefer the flow characteristics of the p

Toyota OBD I Diagnostic Trouble Codes and Fixes

A Anti-lock braking system helps the driver maintain steering control while braking hard. The feature produces an audible alert to pedestrians that an electric car is headed in their direction. NHTSA is finalizing a regulation that will require all new electric vehicles to have alerting systems.

You can hook up vtec using a vtec controller but you will not have any gains. The obd1 p28 vtec ecu has an aggressive iginition timing and raises oil pressure when the vtec cams are activated. Get these itmes Wiring harness Distributor p Re: D16A6/Y8 Swap. OBD0 Vtec wiring help.

In my case, I’m using CC injectors left over from my 1. I had them balanced and blueprinted by RC back in the day. Just re-use your OBD1 alternator. Don’t forget to swap over your VX lower alternator mount as it is considerably lighter than that of any other D-series. This distributor is identical to the OBD2 distributors except for the plug.

I went ahead and swapped the ignitor and coil from the low mileage JDM distributor that came with my new engine. In a pinch, you can put your old engine’s throttle bracket in a vice and bend in backward. This leaves you with no real adjustment and an akward angle. The OBD2 motors lack the vacuum hose on the throttle body for the third hose.

So I got a Acura Integra charcoal canister.

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Almost every Civic out there has or had one to begin with, and for the price of a swap you can put a turbo on there that will easily out perform a DOHC Dual Overhead Cam for the same price. Another thing for you weight junkies, the D series engines weigh in at about 75lbs less than a B series and they weigh in 55lbs lighter than a K series. Enabling the engine to breath; after all, engines are nothing but big air pumps. To start off, we look at the filter and piping.

Apr 27,  · i got a 98 dx hatch with a y8 running a y7 computer. Im trying to find the plugs to plug into the vtec solenoid. but im confused on hooking up the vtec. Any.

By Brian Gillespie Our project car is a RSX base model and that effects the wiring when going from auto-to-manual. The following modifications work on the to models of RSX. If you have an 05 or 06, there will be some differences. I strongly suggest getting a Helm service manual or electrical troubleshooting manual to help with wiring if you have the later model. The manuals are available at helminc. Since this is a base model RSX the K20A3 only makes horsepower so just switching to a manual transmission will get more power to the ground.

You can buy the manual on line from helminc. Next up was the shift mechanism. The stock automatic shifter is a huge heavy thing and has some electrical connections for the AT Interlock System. Here is the automatic shifter with the console removed. The shift cable, four bolts and some plugs hold it in place. Here are the connectors for the interlock and starter cut. The shifter can come from a 5-speed or 6-speed RSX.

wire vtec to ecu

Binary Editor Binary Editor is a flexible software package that allows real-time tuning and datalogging when paired with the Moates QuarterHorse. While Binary Editor can support a very wide range of vehicles, “out of the box” it only supports a few select strategy definitions: While not sold through Moates,additional vehicle support is available commercially through third parties such as Core Tuning and Derek Fenwick.

Binary Editor can talk to a wide range of hardware beyond Moates products such as widebands and 3rd party dataloggers. While not sold through Moates, support for J flashing also additionally available from Core Tuning. If you do not have one of the strategies listed here, you should contact us before making a purchase to ensure your vehicle is supported.

May 02,  · Upload failed. Please upload a file larger than x pixels; We are experiencing some problems, please try again. You can only upload files of type PNG, JPG, or : Resolved.

See more car engine pictures. If you have read How Car Engines Work , you know about the valves that let air into the engine and let exhaust out of the engine. You also know about the camshaft that controls the valves. The camshaft uses rotating lobes that push against the valves to open and close them. Check out How Camshafts Work for more information. It turns out that there is significant relationship between the way the lobes are ground on the camshaft and the way the engine performs in different rpm rotations per minute ranges.

To understand why this is the case, imagine that we are running an engine extremely slowly — at just 10 or 20 rpm, so it takes the piston seconds to complete a cycle. It would be impossible to actually run a normal engine this slowly, but imagine that we could. We would want to grind the camshaft so that, just as the piston starts moving downward in the intake stroke, the intake valve would open. The intake valve would close right as the piston bottoms out.